qubeCLOUD Scenarios

Release and synchronize your scenarios on cloud.skillqube.com

Scenarios by SKILLQUBE vs. own scenarios

What are scenarios by SKILLQUBE?

Scenarios by SKILLQUBE are scenarios that we make available to you for use. The AHA scenarios correspond to the scenarios of the AHA Instructor Manual and are created according to the 2020 Guidelines. You will find both ACLS and PALS scenarios in this folder.

In contrast to your own scenarios, the scenarios by SKILLQUBE cannot be changed.

What do I have to do to be able to use the scenarios by SKILLQUBE?

For the scenarios by SKILLQUBE to be visible on qubeCONTROL, you must agree to synchronization. You do this by logging in at cloud.skillqube.com with your known access data and selecting the “Scenarios” button. You will now see both folders “AHA” and “Cases”, each with the addition “by SKILLQUBE”. Select “sync all”.

To make the scenarios available on your qubeCONTROL control tablet, open the qubeCONTROL application. In the “Select scenario” menu, click “Update” to start synchronization.

ATTENTION: You need a stable internet connection; depending on the number of scenarios, this process can take several minutes. You will find step-by-step instructions in the video below: