Ventilation sensor

The ventilation sensor from SKILLQUBE will support you during manual ventilation training. It helps your team in training sufficient ventilation and preventing hyperventilation.

The values collected in this process are visible in real time on qubeCONTROLLER for the instructor and on the respective monitor for the trainee.

The qubeAIRFLOW sensor is a simulation product and is to be used exclusively with SKILLQUBE’s software.



  • show VT inspiratory
  • show expiratory Vte
  • show respiratory rate

Delivery content:

  • Airflow sensor in housing
  • Charging cable micro USB

Made in Germany

Clever cases and innovative software developed in Germany. Everything is assembled and shipped inhouse.


Durable hardware for any environment. The hardware protects the equipment and is visually almost indistinguishable from a real defibrillator.

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We use the latest generation Apple devices. This ensures perfect interaction between the devices.