Professional Debriefing Solution

As an extension to the qubeAV SERIES, SKILLQUBE releases a professional debriefing solution with three modules: Simulation, Control and Debriefing which can be combined individually. By connecting AXIS IP cameras, a wider range of cameras for different requirements is available. At the same time, users can look forward to a user-friendly and easy-to-use software.



To support teams in simulations and skill training efficiently, Skillqube offers a complete debriefing audio-video system with qubeAVpro to increase learning success.
With this debriefing system, it is possible to analyze a training scenario from all points of view, optionally with up several camera options. Using the stationary microphone (Voice of God), the instructor can always give instructions or comments on the scenario.

The high-quality audio-video software makes it possible to switch back and forth between the cameras, zoom in/ out and record all cameras for later debriefing.

Additional Features


  • MacBook
  • 3x HD cameras
  • 1x “Voice of God” microphone
  • 1x marker keyboard
  • Comes with rugged-case


With the new qubeCLOUD we have created a platform that allows you to create, edit and release simulation scenarios individually and fully. As a trainer, you have even more time to concentrate on your students.

  • Create & edit scenarios
  • Release scenarios
  • Mode for examiners
  • Link to the qubeCONTROL
  • Manage your organization
  • Manage users

Excellent analysis

Recording the training allows analysis of the training scenario from all perspectives.

Individual development

Individual trainee feedback allows for a better response to mistakes.

Voice of God

Use the voice of God to support your students during the scenario training.