The only one of his kind.

In cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology we developed a ventilation simulator bases on MEDUMAT Standard2. The MEDUMAT Standard2 is used in emergency services, air rescue or in the military’s medical service.

Skillqube has years of experience in the development of holistic simulation solutions as well as in the training and further training of emergency services. Both companies want to make a significant contribution to increasing patient safety and saving lives by developing simulation systems. The ventilation simulator qubeMS2 complements our current portfolio from qubeSERIEs, which includes ECG simulators based on e.g. the Corpuls3, LIFEPAK15 and DEFIGARD Touch7.

In cooperation with


  • Original MEDUMAT Standard2 user interface
  • Integration into existing qubeCONTROLLER
  • easy streaming of the ventilation monitor
  • In version 1: simulation of monitoring, IPPV, CPAP and O2 administration

Additional Features

Controller & Assessment

  • Control all vital signs via instructor software
  • Browser-based scenario editor with image and video library
  • Auscultation, blood sugar and temperature measurement
  • Availability of checklists and SOP for in field use


With the new qubeCLOUD we have created a platform that allows you to create, edit and release simulation scenarios individually and fully. As a trainer, you have even more time to concentrate on your students.

  • Create & edit scenarios
  • Release scenarios
  • Mode for “examiners
  • Link to the qubeCONTROLLER 2.0
  • Manage your organization
  • Manage users

Hardware Configuration


• Monitor iPad mini 7,9“
• iPad mount for iPad mini (installed)
• Protective bag for LIFE-BASE 1 NGXS
• Ventilation hose
• incl. setup


• iPad mini 7.9“
• iPad mount for iPad mini 7.9“
• Protective bag for LIFE-BASE 3 NG
• Ventilation hose incl. protective bag
• Inner accessory bag
• incl. setup

Ventilation Simulation from SKILLQUBE

In cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology we developed an addition to our qubeMS2 simulator. With the newly developed qubeTRIGGER, SKILLQUBE will support an even more realisitic simulation experience. 

Innovative ventilation training from SKILLQUBE

The ventilation sensor from SKILLQUBE supports you in training manual ventilation. It supports your team in training sufficient ventilation and preventing hyperventilation. The qubeAIRFLOW sensor has the following functions:

  • show VT inspiratory
  • show expiratory Vte
  • show respiratory rate

Made in Germany

Clever cases and innovative software developed in Germany. Everything is assembled and shipped inhouse.


Durable hardware for any environment. The hardware protects the equipment and is visually almost indistinguishable from a real defibrillator.

Latest Apple devices

We use the latest generation Apple devices. This ensures perfect interaction between the devices.